One could compare the gentrification of low-laying neighbourhoods like Samcheongdong to the zombification of a populous, eager to sell their souls for the hip young generation to drop by and spend their - or their parent's - hard earned moneys. In this destruction of the local to the infection of syphoning cash, one store owner... Continue Reading →

A Quick Trip to Jeonju (2014)

It's been a while since Jihye and I traveled around, so in February, while she had a break between school years, we decided to visit Jeonju. Why Jeonju? My number one reason was hanji. Beautiful, beautiful hanji. That's mulberry bark paper, the traditional paper used in Korea, for those not in the know. Oh, and... Continue Reading →

Engram – Stumbling Across Jeong Ui-Ji

Everyday, as we walk down the streets and live our lives, we form and reinforce memories of time, place, and things. A familiar scent can recall distant memories of childhood, or a song in a foreign land can make us think of our distant friends and family. Sometimes these memories feel locked deep, just waiting... Continue Reading →

Saturday, August 24th

The summer heat is slowly dying and Saturday explorations are becoming viable again.  Jihye and I have plans for the evening, but lunch is a good start. So after a morning of selling myself for fun and profit, we venture out on a beautiful Saturday to find food. After some discussion we decide to waltz... Continue Reading →

A Day in Cheongdo

April 18, 2013 Mid-April and a few days off work. A day trip is in order. At the suggestion of coworker and fellow blogger Jo-Anna, Chengdo was chosen as the destination. What's in Cheongdo you might ask?  Well, heavily photoshopped posters never lie, so Cheongdo ho! They have a decent information site here: http://english.cheongdo.go.kr/open_content/main_page/ Cheongdo is... Continue Reading →

A Chance Encounter with a Deer

Today I went meandering. I often start these jaunts heading towards Gwanghwamun, partly due to my love of Kyobo bookstore, partly due to my enjoyment of the public area, and partly due to just plain habit. Perhaps next time I'll walk toward Dongdaemun. But that'll be another story! Today was cold, -14 °C, or 7... Continue Reading →

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