A Rose in Gouache

Getting back into gouache with a monochromatic study of a rose. Much fun was had by all. Here, watch it as it is painted! https://youtu.be/1ciJf8RBOP0 This is the first of a series of roses for a good cause. I shall elaborate in a future post!


One of my favorite characters from podcasting is Carl, the pugapegacorn. What is a pugapegacorn? It's a pug, pegasus and unicorn chimera. They love belly rubs and eating garlic bread. So naturally I had to draw one! Well, this one is actually the fourth pugapegacorn I've drawn, but enjoy watching it come together: https://youtu.be/kMGHiLC9xv8 Here... Continue Reading →

Ankylosaurus Skull Inking

Here's the inking for the ankylosaurus skull drawing. https://youtu.be/nhOmr1DFIL0 If you want to catch drawings as soon as they're made, please follow me on your social media of choice: https://www.instagram.com/albinogoth/ https://www.facebook.com/albinogoth/ https://plus.google.com/+JohnShrader

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