Troika: Persistent Illusions

A Quiet Cacophony The England¬†based superstar artist trio, Troika, has been exhibiting in Seoul for a few months. Just west of Gyeongbuk Palace, Persistent Illusions is presented in the clinical white interior of Daelim Museum. The lobby tries to invoke a suave technological look (ala the Apple Store) but I couldn't help but see it... Continue Reading →

Engram – Stumbling Across Jeong Ui-Ji

Everyday, as we walk down the streets and live our lives, we form and reinforce memories of time, place, and things. A familiar scent can recall distant memories of childhood, or a song in a foreign land can make us think of our distant friends and family. Sometimes these memories feel locked deep, just waiting... Continue Reading →

The 500 Disciples of Buddha

¬†Jihye and I visited the Buddhist temple Bomunsa on Seongmo Island. While the temple is famous for its grottos, the part I found the most fun happened to be the "Obaek Nahan" or "The 500 Disciples of Buddha". While I didn't count how many statues there actually were, there were many statues, each with its... Continue Reading →

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