Last Saturday Jankura Artspace hosted a special drawing session: Easels vs Evil I worked with black, red and blue ball point pens, highlighted with conté pencil and occasionally with brush pen.  The session revolved around our model cosplaying as Captain America. She wielded Cap's shield, her blue hair was styled as a helmet and going... Continue Reading →

Union Jack

With the referendum for Scottish Independence happening as I type, my mind turned to flags. More specifically the Union Jack. For those of you not in the know, it's a combination of England's St. George's Cross, Ireland's St. Patrick's Cross, and Scotland's St. Andrew's Cross. No love for Wales though. I guess dragons are too... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Tapgol Park

Across the street from where I work is a small city park. As with much of Jongno, it is often filled with the old, the homeless and the curious. It is a park filled with much history and while it might seem a tad dumpy, it's still a proud little park. Welcome to Tapgol Park.... Continue Reading →

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