Meet Dokkaebi – 3

A Dokkaebi’s Idea of a Good Joke Near a small hamlet there lived a farmer and his family. During the off-season, the farmer would often visit his friends and stay out drinking late. One night, the farmer had one too many drinks but, fearing the consequences of not returning home at all that night, he... Continue Reading →

Meet Dokkaebi – 2

The Dokkaebi’s Friend Once there was a penniless old man who lived far from town deep in the woods. One evening there was a knock at the door of his hovel and what should he find but a dokkaebi. The man was terrified of course, but, not forgetting his manners, invited the dokkaebi in for... Continue Reading →

Meet Dokkaebi – 1

The Dokkaebi and the Wen In the hills, just outside a small village, there lived an old wood cutter who had, upon his cheek, a growth called a wen. Everyday he would climb the hills and mountains collecting wood, and every evening he would come to town to sell it.

Meet Dokkaebi – 0

Dokkaebi are found in the folk tales from all around Korea. When I first started to read and find Dokkaebi stories, they seemed to be all of the same kind. Some people I talk to make claims that Dokkaebi are a certain way, but after meeting these creatures in folklore, I’ve found that there are three different kinds of Dokkaebi. But there are a few things that we might be able to say about all Dokkaebi.

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