Arting in 2016

A quick look at a few things I'm working on these days! While I've picked up a new job, I'm still working on various projects. Which get done at different rates. Here are a few! Imp Doodles I still love drawing this guy. While I want to do a story with him, these one shots... Continue Reading →

Friday night life drawing is upon us, but being short on male models, Mike, the owner of Jankura Art Space, strikes a pose himself with some painting tools and an easel. We started with six two-minute poses to warm up and select from for the long pose. My weapon of choice is the ball point... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year all you beautiful people! The first life drawing session of the year I attended was a wonderful experience. Jankura Art Space had an expecting mother from France as their model for the night. However, she was 40 minutes late, so I started the night with some doodles. I drew a bust of a Roman... Continue Reading →

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