Saturday, August 24th

The summer heat is slowly dying and Saturday explorations are becoming viable again.  Jihye and I have plans for the evening, but lunch is a good start. So after a morning of selling myself for fun and profit, we venture out on a beautiful Saturday to find food. After some discussion we decide to waltz... Continue Reading →

Sunday Afternoon in the Cafe SandPark

And no, it has nothing to do with Van Halen. Or Seurat's masterpiece, which you can see if you're in Chicago. Which I'm not. Though admittedly, both are cool and worth checking out. No, for Jihye's b-day we had a light lunch and coffee at a little cafe called Cafe SandPark in Hongdae. They didn't... Continue Reading →

Fried Food – Yoyomi style!

Want the guilt of eating fried street food with the convenience of an actual restaurant? As an added bonus lets say this mystical dream eatery only used fresh ingredients and doesn't reuse their cooking oil the next day. Well, if you're willing to make it out to Eunpyeong-gu (은평구) in the north-west part of Seoul, then... Continue Reading →

A Closer Look at Cheongdo Bullfighting

The Cheongdo trip was fun and all, but perhaps you want to know a little more about the bullfighting itself. Well, I'll be happy to oblige. And if you weren't interested... Too bad. Moving on! This Ain't Your Father's Toreodoring Unlike Spanish bullfighting, which had its origins in the Roman arenas of old, this local... Continue Reading →

A Day in Cheongdo

April 18, 2013 Mid-April and a few days off work. A day trip is in order. At the suggestion of coworker and fellow blogger Jo-Anna, Chengdo was chosen as the destination. What's in Cheongdo you might ask?  Well, heavily photoshopped posters never lie, so Cheongdo ho! They have a decent information site here: Cheongdo is... Continue Reading →

Ma ‘n Pa’s Sundae!

Okay, let's get something out of the way. Sundae (sounds like soon - day) is something any visitor to Korea must try. The most common variety you'll come across is basically blood sausage noodles packed in a thin casing. But today, no, today we'll be looking at some 'real' sundae. So let's head south to... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Tapgol Park

Across the street from where I work is a small city park. As with much of Jongno, it is often filled with the old, the homeless and the curious. It is a park filled with much history and while it might seem a tad dumpy, it's still a proud little park. Welcome to Tapgol Park.... Continue Reading →

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