Memento Mori – Memento Homo

Victory fills our souls while defeat brings us low. Both can make us lose a broader perspective. Staying strong under loss can be difficult. But the best of us will move past defeat and keep trying. As the Romans grew into an empire, they were often foolhardy and ran straight into defeat. The kind of... Continue Reading →

A Letter To Evelyn

November 19, 2012, To my new niece, Evelyn Grace Shrader: Hey Evie! Welcome to the world. As you might already notice, it’s a big, cold, scary place, and it will continue to get bigger, and colder, and scarier. You will be hurt, sometimes so badly you won’t feel like getting up. Someday you, like everyone... Continue Reading →

Songs of Death

(Originally posted on Facebook, February 20, 2009) Half a street away you wouldn't hear anything. You probably would never walk down this way; there is no reason to. But I had walked past before and I wanted to check on this place again. It is near the big electronics market in the Dragon Mountain district,... Continue Reading →

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