Union Jack

With the referendum for Scottish Independence happening as I type, my mind turned to flags. More specifically the Union Jack. For those of you not in the know, it's a combination of England's St. George's Cross, Ireland's St. Patrick's Cross, and Scotland's St. Andrew's Cross. No love for Wales though. I guess dragons are too... Continue Reading →

Chuseok is the Korean harvest festival. One of the most important aspects of this holiday is honoring of one's ancestors. The family will visit the family tomb. There they will clean the tomb and prepare a meal on a stone table. For some this is an offering to the ancestor's spirit to bring them luck,... Continue Reading →

Intermission – Back in Korea

Well, somehow I have found my way back to the land of the morning calm, just in time for the beginning of summer! Before continuing the Augie Art Tour, it seemed appropriate to visit the local Namsan. Jihye and I went for a┬áleisurely┬ástroll around the park, but not before coming across...   Taekwon V! Which,... Continue Reading →

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