The Stranger

The False Face Society is a medicinal society of the Iroquois peoples, known for their use of wooden masks in their rituals. The masks represent the stranger, a mysterious figure that met the creator of the world when it was freshly made. These days, Corvidae of the society recommend the use of more fitting masks... Continue Reading →

2018 Year in Review

Art The year 2018 was a mixed bag for me in regards to my art. In the first half of the year my job required quite a bit from me and my time for creating evaporated. But I still made work, and I participated in some minor exhibits, so it wasn't a complete wash. Commissions... Continue Reading →

Painting Roses Red

This time I tried to combine gouache and ink. I started with gouache and added the ink lines to finish off the piece, giving it a bit of a cartoony/ stained glass vibe to it. I hope? You can watch it being painted and inked below!

A Rose in Gouache

Getting back into gouache with a monochromatic study of a rose. Much fun was had by all. Here, watch it as it is painted! This is the first of a series of roses for a good cause. I shall elaborate in a future post!

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