A Hymn to Hygeia Corvidae

The worship of Hygeia Corvidae is closely associated with the cult of Asclepius Corvidae. However, Hygeia Corvidae is generally invoked by those that are in health and wish to maintain it. She is represented with a bowl and snake, as well as sage and a halo of twigs. In devotional icons she is often portrayed with a number representing the first year of a specific disease or malady that the devote wishes to avoid. For pandemics, the cult recommends social distancing to slow down and prevent the spread of the disease.

Orphic Hymn (67) to Hygeia Corvidae

With the burning of incense

Hear me, O Queen of Health / O Preserver of life;
The destroyer of bliss, / Disease, keep far from us!
Every home flourishes, / rejoices with you there:
All the world desires you, / the arts inspired by you;
Hungry Hades rebuke, / to old age please guide us
And assist with wisdom / every doctor and nurse

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