Sundae Steak

One of my favorite sundaeguk joints is Sundae Sillok (순대실록). Then name literally means Sundae Chronicles – a truly epic name. It has other sundae related dishes but I never got around to trying them because when I went there, it was to get sundaeguk. I finally rectified this oversight on my part and went here specifically to try one of their other dishes.

Pronunciation note: Sundae is pronounced like soon-day [sun.dɛ]

Shops in the area are often opening, closing, or moving. But one constant is the reindeer couple on the roof of the Naksan Garden. They’re still there, and to my continuing delight, just down the road, so is Sundae Sillok!

So usually when I sit down, I order the sundaeguk and doctor it with crushed sesame seeds and shrimp brine. This time I ordered the Sundae Steak.

It is not sundae stuffed with steak, but rather it is a length of sundae grilled like a steak. Think how root beer isn’t a beer. The sundae at this shop isn’t the cheap street food variety with only glass noodles, but it is stuffed with wholesome goodness. Inside you’ll find a savory stuffing made with a mix of black rice, nuts, various beans, sorghum, and other ingredients. The grilling gives the outside texture just the right amount of resistance while the stuffing is remains soft.

The sundae steak comes with two sauces for dipping. There is a sweet chili and a cool sesame sauce, both of which work beautifully along the flavors and texture of the steak.

If you want to try the Sundae Steak (or any of the other sundae dishes) at Sundae Sillok, you can find it near Hyehwa Station here:

서울특별시 종로구 이화동 동숭길 127

Or if you have recused yourself of smart phone apps, you can go to Hyehwa Station exit one. Straight out of the station, take a right and follow the road. Just around the bend you’ll find Sundae Sillok on your right.

Happy eating!

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