A Literal Translation of the Seoul Subway System – Line 4

Here is the first version of my literal translation of Seoul’s Line 4. This is a rough version, so if you find any errors or feel you have a better version, please feel free to share!

First, an SVG of the line:

And in list form:

Station #
Official English Name
Etymology (漢字/한글)
Literal Translation
409Danggogae당고개당고개Virtuous Pass
410Sanggye상계上溪Upper Creek
411Nowon노원蘆原Reed Hill
412Chang-dong창동倉洞Warehouse District
413Ssangmun쌍문雙門Double Gates
414Suyu수유水踰Water Overflow
415Mia미아彌阿Wide Hill
416Miasageori미아사거리彌阿사거리Wide Hill Four-Way Intersection
417Gireum길음吉音Lucky Sound
418Sungshin Women's University성신여대입구誠信女大入口Sincere Belief Women's University Entrance
419Hansung University한성대입구漢城大入口Chinese* Mountain Pass University Entrance
420Hyehwa혜화惠化Becoming Graceful
421Dongdaemun동대문東大門East Big Gate
422Dongdaemun History & Culture Park동대문역사문화공원東大門歷史文化公園East Big Gate History Culture Park
423Chungmuro충무로忠武路Loyal Knight Road
424Myeong-dong명동明洞District of Light
425Hoehyeon회현會賢Gathering of the Virtuous
426Seoul Station서울역서울驛Seoul Station
427Sookmyung Women's University숙대입구淑大入口Clear University Entrance
428Samgakji삼각지三角地Three Horn Land
429Sinyongsan신용산新龍山New Dragon Mountain
430Ichon이촌二村Two Towns
431Dongjak동작銅雀Copper Sparrow
432Chongshin University총신대입구總神大入口All Spirit University Entrance
433Sadang사당舍堂House House
434Namtaeryeong남태령南泰嶺South Large Pass
435Seonbawi선바위선바위Meditation Rock
436Seoul Racecourse Park경마공원競馬公園Horse Race Park
437Seoul Grand Park대공원大公園Big Park
438Gwacheon과천果川Fruit Stream
439Government Complex Gwacheon정부과천청사政府果川廳舍Government Fruit Stream Building
440Indeogwon인덕원仁德院Gentle Virtue Place
441Pyeongchon평촌坪村Flat Town
442Beomgye범계범계Tiger Creek
443Geumjeong금정衿井Collared Well
444Sanbon산본山本Mountain Root
445Surisan수리산修理山Polished Order Mountain
446Daeyami대야미大夜味Big Night Taste
447Banwol반월半月Half Moon
448Sangnoksu상록수常綠樹Honorable Green Tree
449Hanyang University at Ansan한대앞漢大앞In front of Chinese Sunshine University
450Jungang중앙中央Middle Center
451Gojan고잔古棧Old Ladder
452Choji초지草芝Origin of Lingzhi Mushrooms
453Ansan안산安山Peaceful Mountain
454Singil Oncheon신길온천新吉溫泉New Lucky Hot Spring
455Jeongwang정왕正往Righteous Going
456Oido오이도烏耳島Crow Ear Island

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