Moksal Kimchi Doenjang

I’ve lived in Korea for a while now, and finding new Korean dishes is a bit difficult. Luckily, I got a recommendation recently about something tasty. Unfortunately for me the restaurant I was recommended is in Gangnam.

Ugh. Gangnam! But I’m willing to venture south river for some grub. Between Sinnonhyeon and Gangnam Stations, tucked in a side-street is Sigol Yachae Doenjang Jeonmunjeom (시골 야채 된장 전문점). That translates as Country Vegetable Soybean Paste Shop. I guess it doesn’t sound as good literally translating it.

Sigol Yachae Doenjang Jeonmunjeom (시골 야채 된장 전문점)

True to its name there is plenty of doenjang on the menu. There are a few dishes I haven’t actually tried, so I’ll have to come back or find other places north river that serve them. I was here for a specific dish though.

Behold! The Menu!

I came for the Moksal Kimchi Doenjang (목살김치된장). The base dish is made for two people, so if you come alone, you’ll probably have too much to eat. Sorry, they won’t give you half!

Piping Hot Moksal Komchi Doenjang

The Moksal Kimchi Doenjang is served in a stone bowl. If you know the Korean, you can guess what’s inside, and it is not vegetarian friendly.

So much goodness!

The stew is chuck full of ingredients. Pork, potatoes, zucchini, onions, kimchi and tofu just fall off the ladle! The broth is a beautiful blend of kimchi and doenjang jjigaes, and while I found everything delicious, I was surprised how flavorful the potatoes were!

If you wish, you can add some boribap (rice and barley mix) and some greens to make an impromptu bibimbap. I tried it myself and I was in heaven. I highly recommend this option!

All the flavors mix so well!

The order came with a complimentary steamed eggs, as well as a typical spread of sides. I apologize for not getting a shot of the latter!

Gyeranjjim! Steamed eggs for fun and profit!

If you’d like to visit Sigol Yachae Doenjang Jeonmunjeom for yourself, plug this address into your map app of choice:

Sigol Yachae Doenjang
Seoul Seocho-gu Gangnam-daero 69-gil 11


서울 서초구 강남대로 69길 11

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