A Day for a Reuben

“What would you like to eat? What’s something you haven’t had in a long time?”

What might this midwestern boy crave? I’m thinking something with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, something with rye. Time to visit the Rye Post! I remember seeing Reubens on their menu a while back. Quick check on their Facebook page and… Rye Post no longer serves Reubens. Great.

Quick check online and it looks like there are some options. Let’s check out

Salt House Deli (소금집델리) is not far from Mangwon Station on line 6, and if you love cured meats of diverse kinds, you will find some goodies here.

But I did not come here for hanging meats. I came for a Reuben, and I was not disappointed.

These Reubens were on sourdough rather than rye, but this substitution is more than fine by me. From my midwestern stomach the sandwiches felt a tad small, but were hella tasty. We washed it down with a small bottle of ginger ale.

If you’d like to visit Salt House Deli for yourself, the address is:

서울특별시 마포구 월드컵로19길 14

If you decide you don’t want sandwiches or meat platters, the first floor has a dalkgalbi restaurant. I’m sure it is also good.

Oh, and you can also visit the Salt House website if’n you feel like it.


Happy Eating!

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