This is the year of the pig. The earth pig to be more precise, and while its fun to dig into the eastern zodiacs for their meanings for me its a way of remembering the passage of time. My first new year in Korea was the fire pig. Twelve years have gone by. On top of that I was also born in the year of the water pig, meaning a third of my life has now been spent (more or less) in Korea. And while zodiac signs are bullshit, it can be a vehicle for reflection.

This January I am in the state of transition. At the end of the month I will be starting a new job and potentially a new career. Good bye teaching, hello copy editing and writing! Combine this with the new year and I feel like this is great time to assess myself.

The Negative

  1. I have definitely been checking my phone and social media too frequently. The glorious benefits of the smartphone are also it’s greatest detraction. I need to use this tool more purposefully.
  2. I distract myself with games too often. I do not see games as a negative, but I need to create a better balance of my free time to doing things I want to get done.
  3. I fill my quite time with too much media. Again, while podcasts, movies, and tv shows aren’t inherently bad, I miss the quiet times to reflect.
  4. Being easily frustrated at others. Granted, the climate of self-assured ‘common sense’ pundits is inherently frustrating to deal with, but this is too easy to use as an excuse.

This is not a complete list of course (we can always nitpick more), but these issues seem to have a related theme. A lack of quiet and a lack of focus. I feel as though these have been slowly accruing over the years, much as one’s waistline can if exercise is not included as a regular routine. As for the positives? Well, I don’t have an interest in assessing those right now. Maybe later.

A Theme for 2019

I am horrible at setting useful resolutions. However, I have heard of an idea of setting themes for a year as a guiding principle instead. Considering that I will be starting a completely new job, and I want to address my bad habits, this year I want to dub as the Year of Focus.

A tad cheesy, sure, and I doubt I’ll change overnight, but I’ll write this on the wall as a reminder. Focus on fitting in at the new position, focus on the projects I’ve already started, focus on my quiet time and myself, focus on self-care and care for my family and friends. Be more aware.

So now, I will be heading out for a walk. Usually I listen to a podcast or music, but this time I will eschew these perks and just walk. Like I used to.

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