2018 Year in Review


The year 2018 was a mixed bag for me in regards to my art. In the first half of the year my job required quite a bit from me and my time for creating evaporated. But I still made work, and I participated in some minor exhibits, so it wasn’t a complete wash.


Pet and animal portraits were common in 2018, usually as gifts. Generally these requests are fairly conservative and do not involve strange abstract or silly elements, opting for a more straightforward approach. Which is fine, but the options is always open!

Roses for Cystic FibRoses

Last year I was also honored to participate in a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, Cystic FibRoses. I contributed a few paintings of roses for their 2019 fundraising calendar.

Exhibits and Fairs

I participated in two exhibits in 2018.

Mayfly XVI (hosted by Crazy Multiply)

Yongsan International Art Festival

2018 is also the year I dipped my toe into fairs!

It was my first time, so there was a steep learning curve, but I would love to try again.

Visiting An Artist

In October I traveled an hour or so East of Seoul and visited the artist, An Chon Yong, an oil painter.

He was kind enough to invite me into his home and studio. The smell of oil paints and paint thinner made me quite giddy!

This reminded me of my own passion for oils. Next year, I need to secure studio space.

An Chon Yong is not very tech savvy, but he is connected well enough with the art world in Korea and Japan that it hardly matters! Unfortunately that also means its hard for me to properly search for his works online. It completely skipped my mind to take any pictures of his work!

2018 was rough in patches, but here’s to a new and exciting 2019!

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