A Literal Translation of the Seoul Subway System – Line 2

Version one is ready for your delectation. This is a first draft, so if you find a mistake or think you have a better translation, please let me know and I’ll see if I can improve the quality of this little project!

And in list form:

Line 2: Main Line (Version 1)

Station #
Official English Name
Etymology (漢字/한글)
Literal Translation
201City Hall시청市廳City Hall
202Euljiro 1-ga을지로입구乙支路入口Heavenly Stem Support Road Entrance
203Euljiro 3-ga을지로3가乙支路3街Heavenly Stem Support Road 3rd Section
204Euljiro 4-ga을지로4가乙支路4街Heavenly Stem Support Road 4th Section
205Dongdaemun History & Culture Park동대문역사문화공원東大門歷史文化公園East Big Gate History Culture Park
206Sindang신당新堂New House
207Sangwangsimni상왕십리上往十里Upper That Direction Ten Li
208Wangsimni왕십리往十里That Direction Ten Li
209Hanyang University한양대漢陽大Chinese Sunshine University
210Ttukseom뚝섬뚝섬Flag Island
211Seongsu성수聖水Saintly Water
212Konkuk University건대잆구建大入口Raising Up University Entrance
213Guui구의九宜Nine Rights
214Gangbyeon강변江邊River Bank / Riverside
215Jamsillaru잠실나루蠶室나루Silkworm House Ferry
216Jamsil잠실蠶室Silkworm House
217Jamsilsaenae잠실새내蠶室새내Silkworm House Enclosure
218Sports Complex종합운동장綜合運動場Sports Complex
219Samseong삼성三成Three Accomplishments
220Seolleung선릉宣陵Serving Hill
221Yeoksam역삼驛三Station Three
222Gangnam강남江南River South
223Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education교대敎大Teaching University
224Seocho서초瑞草Good Omen Grass
226Sadang사당舍堂House House
227Nakseongdae낙성대落星垈Falling Star Site
228Seoul National University서울대입구서울大入口Seoul University Entrance
229Bongcheon봉천奉天Holding Up Heaven
230Sillim신림新林New Forest
231Sindaebang신대방新大方New Great Direction
232Guro Digital Complex구로디지털단지九老디지털團地Nine Elders Digital Complex
233Daerim대림大林Great Forest
234Sindorim신도림新道林New Way Forest
235Mullae문래文來Writing Comes
236Yeongdeungpo-gu Office영등포구청永登浦區廳Eternally Rising Tide District Office
237Dangsan당산堂山House Mountain
238Hapjeong합정合井Collection Well
239Hongik University홍대입구弘大入口Large University Entrance
240Sinchon신촌新村New Town
241Ewha Womans University이대梨大Pear Tree University
243Chungjeongno충정로忠正路Loyal Righteous Road

Line 2 – Seongsu Branch (version 1)

Station #
Etymology (漢字/한글)
Literal Translation
211Seongsu성수聖水Saintly Water
211-1Yongdap용답龍踏Dragon Step
211-2Sindap신답新踏New Step
211-3Yongdu용두龍頭Dragon Head
211-4Sinseol-dong신설동新設洞New Establishment District

Line 2 – Sinjeong Branch (version 1)

Station #
Official English Name
Etymology (漢字/한글)
Literal Translation
234Sindorim신도림新道林New Way Forest
234-1Dorimcheon도림천道林川Way Forest Stream
234-2Yangcheon-gu Office양천구청陽川區廳Sunlight Stream District Office
234-3Sinjeongnegeori신정네거리新亭네거리New Pavilion Four-Way Intersection
234-4Kkachisan까치산까치山Magpie Mountain

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