A Literal Translation of the Seoul Subway System – Line 1

Traveling around one sees all sorts of place names, and I don’t know about you, but I start wondering what those names mean. You know, when you dig down to the juicy bits. Well curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to hunker down and look up the literal meanings of the Seoul Metro station names. Since there are literally hundreds of stations, I’m going to post them line by line. Lucky for you, I just finished my first draft for Seoul metro’s blue line, line one. As such, please remember that my research technique has not been perfected, and quirks of naming might create some strange combinations. If you find a mistake or think you have a better translation, please let me know and I’ll see if I can improve the quality of this little project. Caveats aside, Seoul Line 1:

And in list form:

Line 1: Soyosan to Incheon (version 1)

Station #
Official English Name
Etymology (漢字/한글)
Literal Translation
100Soyosan소요산逍遙山Untroubled Mountain
101Dongducheon동두천東豆川East Bean Stream
102Bosan보산保山Guardian Mountain
103Dongducheon Jungang동두천중앙東豆川中央East Bean Stream Center
104Jihaeng지행紙杏Paper Apricot
105Deokjeong덕정德亭Virtuous Pavilion
106Deokgye덕계德溪Virtuous Creek
107Yangju양주楊州Willow Province
108Nogyang녹양綠揚Green Heights
109Ganeung가능佳陵Delightful Hill
110Uijeongbu위정부議政府Repository for Government Feedback
111Hoeryong회룡回龍Dragon Turns Around
112Mangwolsa망월사望月寺Moon Gazing Temple
113Dobongsan도봉산道峰山Summit Road Mountain
114Dobong도봉道峰Summit Road
115Banghak방학放鶴Freed Crane
116Chang-dong창동倉洞Warehouse District
117Nokcheon녹천鹿川Deer Stream
118Wolgye월계月溪Moon Creek
119Kwangwoon Uni.광운대光云大Bright Teaching University
120Seokgye석계石溪Stone Creek
121Sinimun신이문新里門New Town Gate
122Hankuk Uni of Foreign Studies외대앞外大앞In Front of Foreign University
123Hoegi회기回基Turn Toward Base
124Cheongnyangni청량리淸凉里Clear Cold Neighborhood
125Jegi-dong제기동祭基洞Sacrificial Altar District
126Sinseol-dong신설동新設洞New Establishment District
127Dongmyo동묘앞東廟앞In Front of East Shrine
128Dongdaemun동대문東大門East Big Gate
129Jongno 5ga종로5가鍾路5街Bell Road 5th District
130Jongno 3ga종로3가鍾路3街Bell Road 3rd District
131Jonggak종각鐘閣Bell Pavilion
132City Hall시청市廳City Hall
133Seoul Station서울역서울驛Capital Station
134Namyeong남영南營Southern Encampment
135Yongsan용산龍山Dragon Mountain
136Noryangjin노량진鷺梁津Heron Beam Crossing
137Daebang대방大方Towards the Great
138Singil신길新吉New Luck
139Yeongdeungpo영등포永登浦Eternal Rising Tide
140Sindorim신도림新道林New Way Grove
141Guro구로九老Nine Elders
142Guil구일九一Nine One
143Gaebong개봉開峰Open Summit
144Oryu-dong오류동梧柳洞Paulowania and Willow District
145Onsu온수溫水Warm Water
146Yeokgok역곡驛谷Station Valley
147Sosa소사素砂White Sand
148Bucheon부천富川Wealthy Stream
149Jung-dong중동中洞Central District
150Songnae송내松內Pine Heart
151Bugae부개富開Wealthy Opening
152Bupyeong부평富平Wealthy Plain
153Baegun백운白雲White Cloud
154Dongam동암銅岩Copper Rock
155Ganseok간석間石Time Stone
156Juan주안朱安Scarlet Peace
157Dohwa도화道禾Rice Road
158Jemulpo제물포濟物浦Ferry Equipment Inlet
159Dowon도원桃源Peach Source
160Dongincheon동인천東仁川East Gentle Stream
161Incheon인천仁川Gentle Stream

Guro – Sinchang Branch

Station #
Official English Name
Etymology (漢字/한글)
Literal Translation
P142Gasan Digital Complex가산디지털단지加山디지털團地Rising Mountain Digital Round Land
P143Doksan독산禿山Bald Mountain
P144Geumcheon-gu Office금천구청衿川區廳Collar Stream District Office
P145Seoksu석수石水Stone Water
P146Gwanak관악冠岳Crown Heights
P147Anyang안양安養Growing Peace
P148Myeonghak명학鳴鶴Cry of the Crane
P149Geumjeong금정衿井Collared Well
P150Gunpo군포軍浦Soldier Inlet
P151Dangjeong단정堂井House Well
P152Uiwang의왕義王Righteous King
P153Sungkyunkwan Univ.성균관대成均館大Accomplished and Equitable Hall University
P154Hwaseo화서華西Shining West
P155Suwon수원水原Water Hill
P156Seryu세류細柳Narrow Willow
P157Byeongjeom병점餅店Rice Cake Store
P158Sema세마洗馬Wash Horse
P159Osan College오산대烏山大Crow Mountain University
P160Osan오산烏山Crow Mountain
P161Jinwi진위振威Manifest Power
P162Songtan송탄松炭Pine Charcoal
P163Seojeong-ri서정리西井里West Well Neighborhood
P164Jije지제芝制Holy Ground Taboo
P165Pyeongtaek평택平澤Plain of Ponds
P166Seonghwan성환成歡Accomplished Delight
P167Jiksan직산稷山Millet Mountain
P168Dujeong두정斗井Ladle Well
P169Cheonan천안天安Heavenly Peace
P170Bongmyeong봉명鳳鳴Cry of Returning Home
P171Ssangyong쌍용雙龍Twin Dragons
P172Asan아산牙山Molar Mountain
P174Baebang배방排芳Emanating Fragrance
P176Onyangoncheon오양온천溫陽溫泉Warm Sunlight Warm Spring
P177Sinchang신창新昌New Prosperity
P144-1Gwangmyeong광명光明Bright Light
P157-1Seodongtan서동탄西東灘West East Rapids

Shuttle Branches

Station #
Official English Name
Etymology (漢字/한글)
Literal Translation
P144Geumcheon-gu Office금천구청衿川區廳Collar Stream District Office
P144-1Gwangmyeong광명光明Bright Light
P157Byeongjeom병점餅店Rice Cake Store
P157-1Seodongtan서동탄西東灘West East Rapids

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