August 19 Painting and Life Drawing

Summer vacation is slowly coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean I have to wallow in self pity wishing for cooler climes! Instead, I head to the cool of the studio to continue painting.

I warmed up with the beginnings of some mini portraits.

I continued developing another painting. I started adding people as my pareidolia saw fit.


And I finished up my afternoon with some abstract pieces. I may leave them as abstract or I might go in later and see what gels.

Afterwards I headed to Itaewon for the Friday night life drawing session at Jankura Artspace. Grabbed a beer on my way.


I think it was an Asahi. But while the beer was a nice touch, drawing just hit the spot. I continued my work with ball point pens and Inktense colored pencil. I haven’t been using the brush pen in a while.

While we usually do one long pose for the whole night, the group was divided between two poses, so we compromised and did two poses instead.

Overall I think I had a pretty decent day.

Keep arting my friends!

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