Happy 4th of July!

Last Saturday Jankura Artspace hosted a special drawing session: Easels vs Evil

I worked with black, red and blue ball point pens, highlighted with conté pencil and occasionally with brush pen. 

The session revolved around our model cosplaying as Captain America. She wielded Cap’s shield, her blue hair was styled as a helmet and going with a tad more Greek style of nude hero for the rest of the outfit. 

Even the hero must rest. Our model tried some ambitious poses, so some poses had to be more relaxing. 

The flag was interesting to draw as well. Might have to revisit flag dynamics in the future. 

I would love to have some of these poses held longer, but Saturday sessions are as Saturday sessions are. 

I was at a bad angle for this one. Mike dressed as a loud mouthed Hydra agent and our Cap knocked him out. Mike lay on the stage, but my angle was pretty bad, so I stuck with the model. It was huge!

Every fight with evil requires introspection, lest we ourselves refuse to see our own faults and become the evil we fought. 

Of course the artists are hard at work, doing their part to take on evil. 

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