99 Portraits: 7 & 8

This last week I was able to get two more portraits finished, plus a third one is mostly done. But I’ll share that one next week.

Portrait 7: Yaar! Captain Forrest

Portrait 7 is of an old college friend who is more than happy with a crazy pose. Of course this was exceedingly fun as a result. Yaaaar!

Portrait 8: A Casual Couple

Portrait 8 is my first official portrait commission. Even though the commission was for a couple portrait, I am only counting it as one for the purposes of enumerating my 99 portrait project!

If you would like me to draw you, comment below or on send me a message on Facebook. I’ll draw you for free! But if you’d like to own it for yourself, I’ll happily convert your money into a physical piece of art. It’s magic! ^^

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