Life Drawing, June 3 2016

Another Friday, another life drawing at Jankura Artspace! This time we had a young, male model. 

My gesture drawings weren’t strong, but can’t win them every day. 

Friday nights is a long pose night, but we had a double tie in voting for which pose to do. We decided to do two poses instead. Since I’m working on a portrait project, I decided to focus on the face.  

Portrait 4: Existential Woe and the Black Valentine of My Miiiiiiiiind
Portrait 5: Youthful Superciliousness

I think I’ll continue working with this style. Though no promises of course. :p

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  1. Hey I’ve just been looking through your blog and I love the life drawing work, especially this style. Recently started going to life painting/drawing more regularly and it’s nice to see some different styles!

    1. Thanks! I’m in the middle of changing the main focus of the blog to my art, though I’ll still probably do the occasional translation, travel or food blog.

      As far as styles go, I usually can’t stay on one. I like bouncing around a bit. But I do enjoy the current style. I should probably write about the process in a bit more detail. ^^

      1. As a very big fan of food I hope they don’t stop completely! The style will always change and develop but it would be good to know more about your process – it’s interesting to hear about the different approaches people take.

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