Arting in 2016

A quick look at a few things I’m working on these days! While I’ve picked up a new job, I’m still working on various projects. Which get done at different rates. Here are a few!

Imp Doodles

I still love drawing this guy. While I want to do a story with him, these one shots are fun to do.

Phonetic Gallifreyan

I had a few requests to make some of my own blend of Phonetic Gallifreyan. I need to do these up beyond the sketch stage.


I’ve been working on these for a while. Some of the ones above are from last year. They take a hell-a long time to make. If you like them and want the original, head over to my Saatchi Art page. If those are too expensive, I can probably do copies or prints, though I’ll have to figure that part out.

Currently, I’m working on a larger crosshatching piece. I’ll share that another day!

Life Drawing

I’ve been going to life drawing sessions fairly regularly on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays.

Digital Illustration


Got a friend who is writing some short horror stories for kids. She liked my style of surrealist paintings from back in the day, so now I’m doing the illustrations. Hope she likes them. I’m only showing a small snippet here. More will come!

So yeah, my pallet is full for now. If you like what you see, I keep my instagram and facebook pages updated. But for the arting, I just gotta get ’em done!


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