Life Drawing – Hope and Expectation in the New Year

Happy New Year all you beautiful people! The first life drawing session of the year I attended was a wonderful experience. Jankura Art Space had an expecting mother from France as their model for the night. However, she was 40 minutes late, so I started the night with some doodles. I drew a bust of a Roman with a scarf and my friend Imp. Salve!


Once the model showed up we got to work with some five minute poses. I used ball point pen, because those are magic. My weapon of choice is the Monami 153. It’s cheap and ubiquitous in Korea.

I’m used to the Friday night sessions where we do four 20 minute sessions with the same pose. The Saturday format is a bit different, opting for different poses.

The last 20 minutes I didn’t have a good view and the room was very crowded. So I changed focus and just drew my fellow artists!

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Keep drawing my friends!

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