The Crazy Factory

February 11 – 24, 2015
Gallery i – Insadong, Seoul

Be ready for the twisted, meandering imaginings that are the brainchildren of The Crazy Factory – a group of eleven Korean artists. With no unifying theme, each artist puts on display what they do best. The collective result is a vivacious delight for the eyes. Or is it a serious critique on society? Well, let’s look at 5 of the artists and a few of their pieces from the show.


When the Sun comes to us
홍 광성 Kelsey Hong


Kelsey Hong continues her impressionistic foray into couple portraiture. In her last solo show she worked with large paintings of the erotic nature, pure passion glowing from each figure. This time around, the paintings are smaller, the subjects calmer, yet each figure is still alive with her brush’s energy. Everyday life, the stuff ‘in-between’ the bouts of passion, are still filled with the energy of living.


I will go my way!
홍사웅 Jean Paul, Hong


Jean Paul plays with markers and crayons, much like a young child. Each line screams unsophistication and naiveté, yet his oeuvre as a whole doesn’t care about such judgments. Rather, it basks in playfulness and creation. “I will go my way!”


The Mercy
오 화진 Oh, Hwa-Jin

¿ÀÈ-Áø íÂ

Peeking around the corner, a face is looking at me. Is it looking at me? It’s hard to tell, but it’s both disembodied and it’s licking the wall. And I love it. Hwa-Jin has a wonderful touch with fabrics and a quirky execution.


김영진 Kim, Young-Jin


F..faaaxC2e Kim, Young-Jin M.maaaaasE3 54 t…ob8GM. Tr.Ee34…Tgre3t. BO3..tweeY2. hIkaI…5rIiiiiiiiizU5. P-H.12RRRRR..y67.


김 윤정 Kim, Yun-Jung


Kim, Yun-Jung’s Cokeeeeeeeeee!! was a surprise for me technique-wise. At first I thought it was acrylic or oils. But then I found out it was hanji with traditional pigments. Look very closely and you can see the minor imperfections of the paper – but only if you’re looking for them! If you’re into comical critiques of American capitalism as cheapening the concepts of freedom the country is founded on, this work will also do in a pinch.



There’s more there, more artists and more work. Go check it out at Gallery i in Insadong.


Or throw this address into a map app:

서울시 종로구 낙원동 283-13

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