A Serendipity of Sight – Sentimental Scenery II

IMG_3770If you decide to casually stroll down Insadong on one of these fine, rainy days, perhaps you’ll come across a few posters for one show or another. And since this bank like place seems to also be a gallery, you figure you might as well step out of the rain for a moment. Check it out.

What do we have here?

Sentimental Scenery II

Helen Chung Lee

LeeSeoul Gallery 

2014.6.18(Wed) ~ 6.30 (Mon)

청춘 달동네 (Moon Village) Archival Pigment Print on Canvas 61×101.6cm 2014

To an untrained eye, Helen’s work might appear to be abstract landscape paintings. And that would be mostly correct. The undulating shapes certainly do invoke alien yet familiar scenery.

바람의 기억 (Memory of the Wind) Archival Pigment Print on Canvas 61×101.6cm 2014

The pieces are actually photographs of mother-of-pearl, the scenes picked out like a cloud-watcher creates scenes from the bounty of the sky. Helen tweaks the colors to satisfy the emotive qualities the scene suggests to her.

내 안에 너 있다 (You & I) Archival Pigment Print on Canvas 71.1×71.1cm 2013

An integral part of Sentimental Scenery are the picture-title relationships. While many artists prefer leaving such abstract work untitled to prevent undue influence on the viewer, Helen enjoys the naming process.

“You name your children, I name my paintings.”

Usually a name jumps out at her as she works. The titles range from the somewhat poetic to the prosaic, usually aimed at describing a key focal figure or feeling in each piece.

펭귄 트리오의 여행 (Traveling Penguin Trio) Archival Pigment Print on Canvas 71.1×71.1cm 2014

To get your fix of pareidolia, you can catch a glimpse of Sentimental Scenery II through June 30th, 2014 at the LeeSeoul Gallery in Insadong.

LeeSeoul Gallery is on the second floor, just above the MG cash office, just north of the umbrella street. The elevator is just inside the cash office main doors.

LeeSeoul Gallery
Seoul, Jongno-gu, Insadong 23-2
2nd floor

서울종로구인사동 23-2
새마을금고 2층

Or, for you couch bound, latecomers, and people just not in the vicinity of Seoul, you can check out Helen’s website @ http://www.helenchunglee.com/

푸른 너울 춤추다 (Dancing Blue Waves) Archival Pigment Print on Canvas 89.0×147.3cm (35″x58″) 2013

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