Intermission – On the way to class (Sept. 25, 2012)

Well, it seems I’m behind. I have some dokkaebi notes and I’ll be writing about a makgeolli making class I took last Saturday, but I’m waiting for some photos before putting the whole thing together. So, to satiate you, my dear readers, I shall appease with a short post about a few things I see on my walk to another class. Sounds fun and exciting? Didn’t think so, but I hope you’ll be amused nonetheless!

Now, as you may or may not know, I started Korean classes at Sogang University this month. Wonderful program thus far, I’ll write about it later. Maybe. We’ll see. Now, on my way to class I see this:

In front of a wedding hall, aptly named KoTurtle, are a few statues. Now you might ask, why did you say it’s aptly named? Well, as you see the statue is a giant grinning turtle. With a nose. Ko=Nose, Turtle= well, that’s already English. But what’s this?

Such a cute couple! A little couple, politely sitting. In front of a wedding hall, no less, giving promise of good little offspring, quietly, patiently waiting and not causing any problems whatsoever for their parents. Good little children, patriotic little children! I wonder if this could be seen as false advertising.

But I’m not too sure about that boy. What’s he looking at? At first you think he’s looking at the girl. Maybe they’re not siblings but they represent the purity of childhood first loves. A common theme in both Korean and Japanese TV shows and movies. So cute and sweet! He’s thinking, “Someday I’ll marry her.”

But, let’s actually double check that line of sight….


And he has a friend…

This grinning nose turtle advocates big savings at Office Depot. How do I know?

Shameless product placement. That’s how.

Hey you! Drink more, study less.

Of course, if you’re walking to class, you’ll be passing plenty of temptation. This is how businesses around colleges work. But not all of them are quite so up front about it. MazziMazzi, you may distract students from studying and promote general disarray amongst the student body via drunkenness, but this sign is really working for me.

Too bad I don’t drink without conversation buddies.

Well, that’s it for the intermission. Just remember.


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