August 19 Painting and Life Drawing

Summer vacation is slowly coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean I have to wallow in self pity wishing for cooler climes! Instead, I head to the cool of the studio to continue painting.

I warmed up with the beginnings of some mini portraits.

I continued developing another painting. I started adding people as my pareidolia saw fit.


And I finished up my afternoon with some abstract pieces. I may leave them as abstract or I might go in later and see what gels.

Afterwards I headed to Itaewon for the Friday night life drawing session at Jankura Artspace. Grabbed a beer on my way.


I think it was an Asahi. But while the beer was a nice touch, drawing just hit the spot. I continued my work with ball point pens and Inktense colored pencil. I haven’t been using the brush pen in a while.

While we usually do one long pose for the whole night, the group was divided between two poses, so we compromised and did two poses instead.

Overall I think I had a pretty decent day.

Keep arting my friends!


Oil Progress

Some more oils in progress! Some paintings have had minor changes, and others were completely overhauled! I’ll have to start figuring out names for the pieces. All titles below are tentative and can and probably will change. If you have any suggestions, I’m always open!

Above It All

Diluvian Arabesque

Sedimentary Celebration


Cosmic Eyes

Hipster Artist

Dancing Through the Night

Embracing the Moon

Quilted Nation

I’m hoping to finish these off soon! Keep arting my friends!


August 12 Life Drawing

Here are last Friday’s life drawing at Jankura Art Space. First we started with the gesture drawings:

I wanted either pose 2 (for the wonderful contraposto) or pose 3 (because of the deep shadows), but was out-voted. Ah well!

I worked with black, red and blue ball point pens with white Inktense pencils for the highlights. I forwent the brush pen this time ’round.

It’s always nice to see how others work.

Keep arting my friends!


The Harbinger Between Worlds and the Green Mountains

“You, my friend, you are not destined to be content in your stream. You are the harbinger between worlds. You are the one who travels and is traveled. You see and are seen. You are the messenger and the message.”

I returned to my 2013 Green Mountain series. This one was long due, but the departure of a good friend spurred me to get the piece finished.

Inside the frame is a night view of central Seoul. The city never sleeps and never slows down. Outside the frame is a stream in the forested mountains of the Eastern US. Such places the peace comes dropping slow, and all is green and growing.

Two principle figures appear in the painting. The first, a magpie, is a harbinger of good news. Winged, it can transverse lands far and wide. The second figure is a turtle, a symbol of stability and longevity.

Which do you reverberate with at this point in your life?

Let’s live, let us live,

Let us live in the green mountain!

Let us eat wild berries and herbs

And live in the green mountain!

Yalli yalli yallaseong yallari yalla!

-Song of the Green Mountain

Keep arting my friends!


Portrait 15, 16, etc

My 99 Portraits project is going slowly, but progressing steadily.

Portrait 15 is another commission pieces of an adorable child emperor. Give gifts to your future master and he may spare your life.


On the other hand, Portrait 16 is an experiment with contour and crosshatching. I worked on this during last Friday’s life drawing session at Jankura Artspace. I might do a few more in this style in the future. Or I might not! ^-^

Portrait 17 is in the making. Here’s a close up. I’m going to do some minor collaging for this one.

Meanwhile, I got another commission. Somebody loves Star Wars, so a Star Wars cosplay is what they get! Pew pew!


July 22 Lifedrawing

With all the special drawing sessions, it feels like a while since I’ve been to a regular life drawing session! We started off with six gesture drawings to determine our long pose:


I got two drawings finished during the long pose. The curly hair was really difficult to work with, but it was still quite fun.


The second drawing I decided to go more ‘monolithic’.

Keep arting my friends!


Finally Back to Oils

I don’t know how long it’s been since last I picked up my oil brushes. I think it’s been about three years? Maybe four? But now I have a place I can paint in:

And it’s big enough I can be expansive without annoying others. And I am expansive. 

I hate working on one piece at a time. Does not suit my style of painting. So to have a space comparable to the studio space I had back in uni is absolutely amazing. 

The only down side? I have so many little canvases and boards purchased a while ago for my smaller space. I need to go bigger! And I will. Once I get a few of these actually finished. I need to go bigger!

But that won’t be for a while. In the mean time, here is the current progress of some of the upward of 15 pieces I have going right now. No names as of yet, but those will come in time!

The last two I will probably add to my portrait series once they’re finished. 

They’re portraits from statues I found around Seoul. I’ll have to go back and find out their names!

Mostly I tend to paint abstracts, though some of those transmogrophy into surrealist paintings. Oils are one of my favorite ways of expression and I am so happy to get back into this expressive medium. 

Keep arting my friends, keep arting in whatever way works for you!