The Autumn of Gim Hongdo

Prologue A week ago I dropped by an exhibit featuring one of the eminent artists of Korea's Joseon Dynasty, Gim Hongdo*. The exhibit had some issues, namely humidity damaged many of the works which, thankfully, were not originals. However, it was still well organized and informative enough to pique my interest in the artist again.... Continue Reading →

Shoes – Kim Yeondong

신발-김연동지름길 없는 먼빛살 트는아침을 향해그냥 달려이지러지고구겨진삶의 파편바닥난신발 한 짝을멍에처럼끌고 간다o------o------oMy Current working translation (Sept 21, 2013):Shoes-Kim Yeondong(trans. John Shrader)A long way without a shortcutTowardThe breaking dawn Constantly runningA broken off andCrumpledSliver of lifeLike a yokeA singleworn out shoeis dragged alongo------o------o 

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