Meet Dokkaebi – 2

The Dokkaebi’s Friend Once there was a penniless old man who lived far from town deep in the woods. One evening there was a knock at the door of his hovel and what should he find but a dokkaebi. The man was terrified of course, but, not forgetting his manners, invited the dokkaebi in for... Continue Reading →

Meet Dokkaebi – 1

The Dokkaebi and the Wen In the hills, just outside a small village, there lived an old wood cutter who had, upon his cheek, a growth called a wen. Everyday he would climb the hills and mountains collecting wood, and every evening he would come to town to sell it. One day he decided to... Continue Reading →

Meet Dokkaebi – 0

Dokkaebi are found in the folk tales from all around Korea. When I first started to read and find Dokkaebi stories, they seemed to be all of the same kind. Some people I talk to make claims that Dokkaebi are a certain way, but after meeting these creatures in folklore, I’ve found that there are... Continue Reading →

12.05.10. Consuetudinary

consuetudinary (kon-swi-TOOD-n-er-ee) adjective: Customary [From Latin consuetude (custom), from consuescere (to accustom), from con- (with) + suescere (to accustom). Earliest documented use: 1590.] Two street musicians playing on the north end of Insadong. Violins fiddled for indifferent pedestrians. Across the way a father and daughter sit on a concrete post and listen. A handfull of... Continue Reading →

12.04.19. Tarry

tarry (TAIR-ee) verb intr.: To delay, stay, or wait. verb tr.: To wait for. noun: A short stay; a sojourn. [From Middle English tarien/taryen (to delay). Earliest documented use: 1451.] tarry (TAHR-ee) adjective: Of, like, or smeared with tar. [From tar, from Old English teru. Earliest documented use: 1552.] Samil Street is in blossom. It... Continue Reading →

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